"music is your destiny"

Eva-Maria Osadolor, jazz singer, teacher, Castrop-Rauxel, 2010

"it`s not really possible to make mistakes"

Marie Schröder, violin student, 2003

"you're not an actress, you're a great musician"

Soledad Henriques Vargas, actress, Chile, 1988

"your music is beyond questions!"

Maruth Braun, piano player, painter, teacher, Trier, 2009

"the touchable viola player"

Ulf Heßling, teacher, Dortmund, 2004

"she plays the violin so much soulfully"

Jean- Marie Boivin, actor, Paris, 1988

"you're not an actress. your psyche expresses through your hands, and that`s music!"

Birol Ünel, actor, international, 1990

"your crazy- fantastic music!"

Tim & Susanne van Kluyve, dancers, dance educators, Düsseldorf, 2007

"the lectures have been a delight for us"

Delia & Sophia Korte, family-music students

"a wonderful artist, which evokes wonderful artistical process in herself and others..."

Julietta Fix, Hamburg (, 2010

"Anna- Lena wanted to stay definitely with you !"

Frau Klein, Mutter von Anna Lena, violin student (11) 2010

"you open up"

Kathrin Bialluch, actress, Dortmund, 2009

"...they can't. improvisation is better, it is the music itself!"

Karen Gordon, conductor for classical music, USA, 1996

"The song bewitched me. it was like a fairy tale and in the end, the story solved into a happy end"

unknown author, guestbook vernissage Heiner Szamida, Gelsenkirchen, 2009

"you seem to heal the earth with your music"

Gregor Bohnensack, musician, poet, performer, Münster, 2010


Daisaku Ikeda, artist, scholar, philosopher, Japan, 2004